Explorers living in Redding trek all over Turtle Bay Exploration Park. Welcomed across the iconic sundial bridge wilderness trails wait to be delved into. Wildlife thrives along the banks of the Sacramento River and amateur naturalists are on their game trying to spot various critters. Families find simple hikes  create memories to cherish for a lifetime. Time spent in Mother Nature’s majesty brings one and all closer together.

Hundreds of acres of Redding real estate is flooded with recreational opportunities. Besides the lucrative trail system, there is a museum, botanical gardens and arboretum, and forestry and wildlife center all to visit. Educational programs and special events create camaraderie amongst those living in Redding and surrounding communities.

Found near the river bank, the Museum at Turtle Bay presents an interesting array of exhibits and displays. Topics featured here include geography, science, and a spotlight on wildlife living in the area. In the River Aquarium guests can view fish and other aquatic animals thriving in the river. Diving ducks and Timber the local river otter cause lots of excitement when spotted. The Salt Water Tank highlights creatures of the sea including sea stars, crabs, swell sharks and chitons. The River Lab educates visitors on the difference between amphibians and reptiles. Resident waterfowl are also listed here enabling budding birdwatchers to identify them outside.

Redding Real Estate Showcases a Rich History

The Museum of Turtle Bay pays homage to Native peoples first inhabiting the land. Museum goers can step inside a traditional Wintu Bark house and listen to ancestral stories told in Wintu and in English. Artifacts that aided in daily life such as a wooden canoe are on display. Trappers made their living selling pelts. The warmth of furs often saved lives during freezing winters. Guests can feel and compre furs from racoons, beavers and other animals.

After hitting the trails and exploring the museum, many work up quite an appetite. In the Coffee Bar light refreshments satisfy cravings. Sandwiches and salads hit the spot. Snacks such as croissants, snack packs and scones are favorite grab and goes. An assortment of ice cream treats and other dessert items pacify those with a sweet tooth.

Plan a day to get out and play in the fresh air. Turtle Bay Exploration Park has all you could ever want and more.